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CIDCO Lottery Result Today 23rd November 2022, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 23/11/2022 Winner List, Who Won & Prize!

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City and Industrial Development Corporation more commonly known as CIDCO announced earlier on Wednesday the results of the lottery that they conducted. As per the reports, the lottery results were confirmed and the results were announced around 11 am on the 23rd of November 2022. This lottery was an attempt to provide houses and also flats to people from the middle class and people who have an annual income varying in different digits. Although the lottery earlier has a different target winner this time they lowered the price ranges. Stay tuned as we covered the different aspects of this lottery and also how they draw the lottery as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

CIDCO Lottery Result Today 23rd November 2022

CIDCO Lottery Result Today 23rd November 2022

The lottery conducted was a computerized format lottery and it is shown that there were thousands of houses allotted to the lower middle-class people in this lottery. These houses provided were through lottery housing schemes and the location where these houses were provided were in Navi Mumbai areas like Dronagiri, Kalamboli, Taloja, and Kharghar. The apartments were allotted to people under the scheme of 44 and for EWS under PMAY housing schemes. It was also given that the general category will also be allotted houses while there were 4,158 houses in the apartments allotted to different people in Mumbai.

CIDCO Lottery Details

Speaking about the scheme was launched in august and CIDC announced this news on the 31st of August 2022. This committee was appointed under the supervision of Suresh Kumar, who is the former Lokayukta and he monitored the computerized lottery format as well. Under PMAy housing schemes 404 houses were allotted to people while the remaining houses were given out to people from the general category. Earlier these houses were allotted to people who have an annual salary of about 3-6 lakhs per annum but now the price range dropped and now people who have an annual salary of 0-3 lakh can get the house and the other half of that 3-6 lakh annual salary people come under the general category.

CIDCO Lottery Maharashtra 23/11/2022 Winner List

As per the reports, there were 16,000 applications for these lotteries and from that many people were allotted houses. After the announcement, the online application for the house allotment was closed on the 3rd of October 2022. Later the date of application was extended to expand the application until the 3rd of November 2022. For the EWS category, people were given out 404 houses and the other for the general ones while there were about 3,158 houses which were all informed and allotted in this lottery overall. Earlier as the income exceeded people were not allotted houses but as the income price lowered more houses were allotted for the EWS category.

The CIDCO lottery can be checked up on by getting on the VCC me website and the ones who apply can also withdraw their names as well. earlier it was also mentioned during the announcement of the lotteries that if someone who doesn’t want the house or for any reason doesn’t want to live in there they can inform the officers then they will be given a refund and this way they can return the house and get their payments back as well. More information about the general category allotments was not given out until now.


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