Home General News EXPLAINED: Why Did Nykaa CFO ARVIND AGARWAL Resign? Reason Explained!

EXPLAINED: Why Did Nykaa CFO ARVIND AGARWAL Resign? Reason Explained!

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Hello, readers welcome back to our article in this article we are going to speak and talk about something very shocking so you might be curious to know what we are talking about as you all are well aware of the brand Nyka which is getting a lot of attention these days so the chief financial officer of fsn e-commerce whose name is Arvind Agarwal declared it officially that he is leaving the company it is quite shocking news for everyone but he is also interested to purse you some other better opportunities for the economy of digital marketing. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Nykaa CFO Arvind Agarwal Resigns

Nykaa CFO Arvind Agarwal Resigns

So it is now all clear that CFO Arvind Agarwal has been resigning and he will be leaving the company effective hours on November 25 2022 Vinod fashion is a great and large beauty platform it was a very great option as well as the opportunity for him to be a part of this journey but now he wants to explore more he had learned and experienced a lot of things at this particular movement and now Arvind is already to pursue different opportunities growth.

Why Did Nykaa CFO Arvind Agarwal Resign?

He came up explaining and also giving a brief about his experience of day-to-day life working with Nyka and it was an incredible journey for him he has been leading some of the best growth paths and he will forever cherish that. Talking about the Founder who is also a billionaire Falguni in a year have been appreciating Agarwal for their work and for the crucial time that he played in the company for the profit and for the startup.

Also, she is regretting while expressing her emotions but it is his personal choice of him to pursue and follow more dreams of him and she, at last, wished him luck now the company is undergoing and it is the process of the company to appoint a new CFO. It clearly says sales of beauty wellness on the fashion products across the website and their several other mobile apps and also it is available on the offline stores.

It also became India’s first Unicorn startup which was being handled by a woman talking about the headquarter so it is located in Mumbai Maharashtra and the areas that are being served as India talking about the revenue that has been generated from Nykaa so PS3 800 crore in the year 2022 it also manufactured in India as well as internationally and it is retailing over more than 2000 brands 200,000 products across the different platform.


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