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What Is Digi Yatra App? How To Use It? Launched In Delhi, Bengaluru & Varanasi, Everything You Need To Know!

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Hello, readers welcome back to our article. This article is going to be very interesting as we are here to update you about Digi Yatra. So the new feature is coming up where we can see that the new services have been provided to the people and to the Travellers where they can use their onboard flights with their face ID so make sure you are reading this article as we are going to explain many more thing which will be beneficial for all the travelers when we you will be traveling through the flights. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates on Business News!!!!!

What Is Digi Yatra App?

What Is Digi Yatra App?

So you are at the right place as the Ministry of Civil Aviation has been launching this particular Digital Service for all travelers using air flights however the passenger has been allowed so they can go on the flight with their face ID which is quite an innovative idea and it would be beneficial for many of the people the services will be available for Delhi Bangalore and for the Varanasi airports as of now.

How To Use Digi Yatra App?

This particular Digital Service will be going to take place on March 2023 so here are some of the things that you want it to know it is a biometric-enabled facial recognization however talking about the main motive of this particular implementation is to go paperless and they can process to the airports without wasting much of their time. Digi Yatra will also save time and it will be going to launch at the daily International Airport on August 15.

A number of people wanted to know how they can use this so first you need to register with the app with your Aadhar Card and you need to take a selfie after that you can clearly answer to the airport and then the process will be game-like scanning the QR code for the boarding passes which is digital it will also be going through the facial scanner which will able to give you the access through the area of security.

It is quite a safe app data will be stored in the phone of the user and it will not be shared with anyone or any second person this particular data will be shared with the airport within 24 hours however it is an optional way you can also use the nonstandard biometric methods because they will also be functioning with that. A number of people found this particular service quite innovative and they are waiting to use it.


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