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What Is Twitter Files? The Twitter Files Explained!

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Elon Musk is again in the news after he allegedly released several internal files of hunter Biden on the Internet and said that here it goes. This Tweet was released by the Chief of Twitter Elon and he revealed and spilled various beans from the Twitter poll that he earlier conducted that was informal. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates on Business News!!!!!

The Twitter Files

What Is Twitter Files?

This poll later resulted in him releasing a series of serval unreleased documents that took place earlier and bought to light the changes that were made. This created a huge mess on the internet and people understood why Elon was earlier supporting the Republicans and his reason to do so. Stay tuned as we covered everything in detail about this chaos online. Elon Musk earlier on Friday released a Tweet

In which he revealed a Twitter file that showed the request of the Biden team to Twitter and how the company denied it as well, This was during the 202 elections and the link to the documents was provided in his Tweet of Elon. The Hunter Biden’s laptop story was covered by Matt Taibbi and this was a story that was posted on several Tweets, and now Elon bought these things again to the limelight

The Twitter Files Explained

That occurred three years ago. The censorship of the laptop story Biden was a thing in 2020 where it was censored away and people were unaware of it. Elon’s Tweet provides the link to the censored document. This Twitter file is brought to light by the first installment stating how the most influential part of social media is used nowadays and this included the human-built mechanism that is growing out of control.

Matt also added in that deleted Tweet that as time is getting progressed the company is getting slowed forcefully and also barriers are added to it as well. Some of it included controlled speech and these are designed to combat spam and financial fraudsters s well. One more thing that was added in these threat Tweets was that the connection of actors in more to review Biden Team and the reply to it was handled.

Mat also added in his Tweets how the Twitter app is deleting the hunter Biden laptop story and also they removed it as well. According to their post of Matt, their laptop story of Biden was suppressed by Twitter and also by many platforms as well. It was also mentioned by Matt that they were deleted in several links and posted warnings that the files might be unsafe. Matt clearly stated that

The platform was helping to remove it from the internet and also from the platform itself. On the 14th of October 2022, this story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was posted online where the emails were exposed from Hunter’s laptop and it was published by the New York Post. Matt also spilled beans about why and how Kaleigh McEnany was locked from using or accessing her profiles and stating any more things about her story.

It featured a furious letter from her from Trump campaign staffer Mike Hagen who also added that it can be pretended for the elections Atleast. Earlier in 2020, Hunter Biden’s laptop was exposed by the New York Times where he was suppressing the Ukrainian firms to fire a prosecutor investigating the companies. While it was also exposed by the New York Post that Hunter Biden also introduced his father as the Vice President of the same firms.


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